Manifest Your Future

Manifest Your Future

How to use the Law of Attraction to create the life you really, truly want.

About the Workshop

Have you ever wanted something really bad and tried everything possible to make it happen but it just didn't work out?  Is it because you didn't have enough will power or positive thinking?

What if you're simply not sure if the thing you want is the right one for you?  Or maybe you can't see how your goal could possibly come about and just seems impossible?

Perhap you have heard about the 'Law of Attraction'?  And you have actually tried to manifest some things.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it is really hard work. Why?

I will help you answer these questions and learn the art of manifesting exactly what you really, truly want.

What does it include?

Nazish will facilitate this workshop and guide you through learning about:

  • The principles of the Law of Attraction
  • When, how and why the LoA works and doesn't work
  • Deep dive into a highly effective and unique 5 step manifesting process
  • How to use these psychology-based and highly effective methods by yourself
  • Interactive, fun exercises within a group
  • A little bit of writing, a couple of meditative exercises and mainly, a lot of thinking!

      What will I get?

      By the end of the 3 hour, live workshop, you will:

      • Identify exactly what your individual wants and needs are
      • How to apply this amazing 5 step method to specific areas of your own life
      • Identify the causes that block you from manifesting
      • Create an action plan to manifest your particular desire
      • Other ways to attract more harmony and synchronicity in your life
      • Meet other like-minded souls
      • All the notes and materials to keep

        Who is the course for?

        This workshop is for you, if you want to:

        • find the right job
        • get better clients and customers
        • create new opportunities/situations
        • attract more business
        • achieve goals, pass exams or tests
        • find the perfect new home
        • have more calm, peace or inner happiness
        • have a happier home life
        • attract healthier relationships
        • have abundance and good things come into your reality

        For adults only aged 18+

        When and where

        Next Manifest Your Future workshop will be held at:

        Sol y Luna Retreat

        Cam. Cordobés, 18,

        38400, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

        On Saturday 22 July 2023

        10.30 - 13.30 h.

        Book now as there are limited spaces available.

        To book your place on the workshop and receive further information, please fill in your name and email.