Find Love Again

Find Love Again Course

A uniquely designed course that takes you step-by-step through the process of healing your heart, releasing past baggage and re-creating a happier future relationship. You will learn exactly how to attract true love, the right person for you.

About the Course

One of the toughest challenges in life is heartbreak; going through a break-up and separating from a person we deeply loved can be devastating. Nothing actually prepares us for dealing with the pain and anguish. 

We are never given any direction on how to heal or repair the emotional damage and we may carry that hurt, unknowingly, for many, many years.

Eventually, when we feel ready to find a happier, more fulfilling relationship, no-one ever shows us the best way to move forward.  What's worse is that we may even get stuck in repeating patterns, attracting the same kind of relationships again and again, wondering how we'll ever get out of them.

This course will help you heal that broken heart for good. You will let go and no longer be effected by the past. Then, you'll learn how to change your patterns and attract the right person for you!  You will understand exactly why those terrible experiences happened and learn how to magically manifest the kind of person that truly suits you.

This course will show you exactly how to release, regenerate and reframe your relationships and your future. 

What will I get?

The course will give you:

  • 3 full day classes:  3 x 7 hours per day face-to-face group classes (Max group size: 12 participants)
  • Easy, step-by-step instructions with all the exercises
  • Learn and practice using the unique methods
  • All the lesson materials, handouts, notes
  • Recorded meditations to download and keep
  • Personal support from coach for your individual needs
  • Extra 1-to-1 coaching as an add-on
  • Meet others on the course and get support on this amazing heart and love journey 
  • Free book, 'Lessons from a Frog Princess
  • Bonuses for other events

What is the course content?

Your trainer will be Nazish S. Qazi who will guide, teach and support you through learning the 9 ‘Lessons’.

On the course, you will learn:

  • How to heal your heart, step-by-step
  • Clear all the accumulated pain of previous relationships from you heart and mind
  • Use powerful techniques for releasing the negative effects of the past
  • Change any old relationship patterns and unconscious programs
  • Discover how to connect to your intuitive, higher self to get answers to all your questions
  • Understand what the particular 'lessons' for your life are
  • Clear space in your heart and mind for new love to come in
  • Create a better, healthier emotional and mental state
  • Increase self love, self worth and self knowledge
  • How to find a true, genuine, lasting, loving relationship
  • Learn the secrets to manifesting a partner and why it didn't work before
  • Set in motion the process of attracting the right life partner for you

Who is the course for?

However, this course is not for the faint hearted. You must be truly willing to change; that means ready to let go of the old and start a new life.

This course is for you if you are an adult who:

  • is currently single or in a relationship
  • has loved someone before and had your heart broken
  • has experienced separation, divorce or relationship break-up
  • feels like you are still carrying baggage, hurt, loss, etc.
  • is tired of trying dating sites/apps
  • is fed-up with dating games and the 'rules'
  • usually seems to attract the wrong person
  • has a genuine desire to find your Mr Right or Ms Right

What does the course cost?

The Find Love Again course is valued at 1200 Euros

  • You pay only 750 Euros
  • Discounts for students and non-employed
  • Bring a friend and pay just 600 Euros each

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Where and When

Courses are held online via Zoom or in groups as face-to-face classes in Tenerife, Spain.

Usually, the course will take place at weekends or evenings and/or as agreed with participants.

For details on upcoming courses, please fill in your contact details.

Your name and email will only ever be used by solely for the purpose of communication with yourself regarding the course.

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