About Jivon Deesha

Jivon Deesha was established in 2006 and is dedicated to helping people realize their personal and professional goals through 1-to-1 coaching and group training. The name literally translated means life path/vision

Whether it is a small step, a big shift or a life changing leap, when you get the right support, you can navigate those tough self development journeys more easily and successfully.

The main aim is to help people:

  • Create their own ideas and solutions

  • Decrease the negatives and barriers

  • Realize their own aspirations

  • Increase self knowledge and value whilst having fun!

About Nazish S. Qazi

Nazish is an expert life coach, business trainer, psychologist and author and she has helped hundreds of people from many different backgrounds and disciplines to transform their lives for the better.  Her passion is helping people discover their true purpose, build inner confidence and bring more happiness and fulfilment into their lives.

She has specialized in learning and development since 1996, working with UK based companies such as County Councils, YMCA, BAE Systems as well as Siemens and Adidas in Germany and numerous SME’s across many industries.  Her qualifications include BSc Psychology degree and MSc Occupational Psychology degree as well as Positive Psychology, NLP training, the Silva Method and various business and coaching programs.

With an Asian background, British education and having worked for many years abroad with a multitude of people, in many multicultural organisations, she has acquired an in-depth knowledge of human thinking and behaviour.  This profound observation and understanding of how people work and work best, along with her uniquely designed psychological tools, have paved the way for a coaching practice which clients find refreshingly practical and easy to follow.

About Coaching

What is Coaching?

Together, we will agree your specific goals and create a workable plan for you. Whether you want to change something in yourself, at home or for work, your coaching will be uniquely designed, for your particular needs and aims. Professional coaching also involves understanding company culture, structure and business needs and functions.

The tools and techniques are well researched and based on psychological science. The methods are definitely not just customized off-the-shelf solutions. And coaching is always served with a good dose of humour and intuitive understanding. 

Learning anything usually means stepping outside of your comfort zone and hence, coaching is always provided in a safe, confidential and supportive space where you know exactly what to expect.