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Jivon Deesha Aims

  • Align with your true life purpose
  • Create the changes YOU really want
  • Remove any blocks and barriers
  • Heal from within
  • Have fun as you learn and grow

Jivon Deesha was established in 2006 and is dedicated to helping people realize their personal and professional goals.  The name literally translated means life path or vision and provides people with the learning and tools to remove, re-arrange or re-create whatever they might need to in their work, personal or home lives.

We are not taught in school or prepared by our workplaces or helped by support networks for some the most difficult challenges that life brings us, such as losing a loved one, being made redundant or healing from stress overload.  So, whether it is a small step, a big shift or a life changing leap, coaching can support and help you navigate through making the changes and achieve your goals successful. 

Nazish is an expert life coach, business trainer, psychologist and author.  She has helped hundreds of people from many different backgrounds and disciplines to transform their lives for the better. Her clients often remark that her guidance is wise and honest but also real and practical.

Her passion is in helping people discover their true selves and achieve their true potential. She believes that when we work to increase our self-esteem and access our inherent, often dormant, human abilities we can, not only heal from within, but also, create a more meaningful existence for ourselves and our loved ones.

Nazish is qualified in BSc Psychology and MSc Occupational Psychology degrees.  She has also studied Positive Psychology, NLP training, the Silva Method as well as various business and coaching programs.  She has been specialising in learning and development since 1996 and worked in the UK with organisations such as Clear Springs, County Councils, YMCA, BAE Systems and other training academies.  In Germany, she worked with clients from Siemens, Adidas, SBK, banks as well as coaching private individuals.

With an Asian background, a British education and many years of experience with multicultural, commercial and private organisations, Nazish has acquired an in-depth knowledge of human thinking and behaviour and coaching 'know how'.  This profound observation and understanding of how people work and work best, along with her own uniquely designed psychological tools and intuitive ability, provides a coaching practice that is remarkable in turning clients lives around in extraordinary ways.

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