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“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has

the courage to lose sight of the shore”

André Gide


Do you have a personal goal or dream that just seems out of reach? Have you read books, attended seminars and tried to make the changes but nothing seems to work?

The reason is because you learned the ‘what’ you need to do but not the ‘how’ to do it. Let me show you how to apply the theory, reach your goals and have fun whilst learning!

Get un-stuck with personalized coaching, find clear direction with a step-by-step plan which will give you real results. You will practice at your own pace, for your needs and find your own perfect solutions.


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Coaching in Business


At work there is much pressure to perform effectively. Working hard is not always the answer. Learn ‘how’ to take control and be more effective, in less time. You can improve your work performance and skills in areas such as:

  • Handling stress and pressure
  • Improve difficult relationships
  • Improve written and spoken communication skills
  • Presentations and public speaking
  • Become more proactive and time-efficient
  • Dealing with company changes or restructure in business
  • Managing your team / employees to perform better


New Job


Is it time to find a new job?

Not happy with your career direction?

Coaching can help you through one of life’s greatest challenges with a step-by-step plan .

Your goals could be to:

  • Get the job you really, really want
  • Practice having successful interviews
  • Write a job application or letter with impact
  • Make a complete change in career direction using your current skill set
  • How to get back to work after a long break
  • Students that want to find the right job, the first time.



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Personal Coaching


With an individualised training programme, you can greatly improve many areas in your life:

  • Develop inner or outer confidence
  • Improve self-image and self-esteem
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Being relaxed and emotionally stable
  • Removing negative thinking and barriers to change
  • Get a better work/life balance
  • Handling a bereavement /personal crisis
  • Finding a life partner
  • Better friendships and relationships
  • Increasing intuition and sixth sense
  • Finding your true self, life purpose and direction